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Legendary Omega Replica Watches UK In the Movie “First Man”

The movie “First Man” produced by Universal Pictures has been shown in America. The watch lovers, space enthusiasts and movie audiences will witness the important role that Omega plays in exploring the history of aerospace in the movie.

The “First Man” was adapted from James R. Hansen’s work, telling the legendary story of mankind’s first moon landing. Omega accompanied the spacemen to carry out the space missions, including the Mercury Mission,Gemini Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz. Omega fake with high-performance has still been used in the project of space travel till now, meanwhile, it is one of the perpetual devices in international Space Station.

In the movie, this Speedmaster has accompanied the Neil Armstrong during the NASA Project training.
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Omega provided several Speedmaster models and other models for the team of the movie, becoming the important symbol of that time in the movie. In the movie, Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling played) wore this Omega Speedmaster copy with black leather strap when he was training for NASA Apollo project.

After Neil Armstrong successfully landed on the moon, he wore this Omega in his daily life. The knockoff watch with brown calfskin strap looks elegant and vintage.

This model was worn in daily life which has made the wearer look very gentle.
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