Sunday, January 20, 2019
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My Birthday Present – UK Elegant Omega De Ville Replica Watch With Blue Dial

I wanted to buy myself an accurate copy Omega watch long time ago. “As long as you have a dream, nothing is impossible”. I appreciate the positive attitude of Omega and many watch fans of this brand are optimistic and upward, which have witnessed the braveness and pioneering spirit of Omega.

Another reason that I am fond of Omega is that I love the co-axial escapement very much that is distinctive. Perhaps I often talked about Omega with my wife, she bought one for me as gift for my birthday. I couldn’t believe that but I was really so happy. It was an Omega De Ville fake with stainless steel case. She knew my taste very well, so this Omega featured a simple and elegant dial and there’s not additional decoration on it.

The blue leather strap matches the blue dial perfectly, which is suitable for formal occasion.
Blue Leather Strap Fake Omega De Ville Watch

Due to the reason of the light, the charming blue of the dial is not easy to be presented on the photo, however, when facing the light, the blue looks very beautiful. When in dim light, it looks in black. That is really interesting. The following pictures will show you how beautiful this knockoff watch with automatic movement well.

The elegant De Ville makes the wearer look very gentle and charming.
Graceful Imitation Omega De Ville Watch