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Omega “First Chronograph” Replica UK Limited Edition With The Antique Movement

Without any doubt, Omega has a high level of technology in creating the chronographs. Speedmaster could be regarded as one of the most symbolic collections of the brand. In fact, if we review on some models in earlier days in Omega’s history, we will find more interesting things. In 193, Omega launched the first chronograph, which was one of the earliest wristwatches with the function of chronograph in the world. That model has been maintained in Omega Museum, and now Omega creates an amazing model that reproduces the essence of the classic timepiece – Omega First Chronograph Limited Edition.

The blue Breguet hands and Gothic hour markers are striking on the white enamel dial, offering great readability.
Blue Hands Omega Knockoff Limited Edition

The highlight of the Omega fake watch with white gold case is the antique movement from original model. When you see the distinctive watch, the feeling in your mind must be “This is too big”. It features a 47.5 mm white gold case with line lugs which will bring you to the early days of 20th century. The special design is historic and vintage. In fact, in early 20th century, many wristwatches were modified by the pocket watches, so the diameters of them are always bigger than the modern models.

The only pusher has been set at 6 o'clock on the case, which is quite different than other models of the brand.
Brown Leather Strap Omega Replica

Unlike the contemporary models, the only pusher of this Omega knockoff with white enamel dial has been set at 6 o’clock. The design of the dial is paying tribute to the original model for Omega doesn’t choose to adopt the light brown hour markers or antique finish which are always used on the vintage models. Oppositely, Omega chooses another magnificent way to present its extraordinary technology : white enamel dial with blue Breguet hands and Gothic hour markers. All the inscriptions on the new model are the same with the original one in 1913.